Azov at General Radzins memorial event in Latvia

May 2, 2019, the Azov Regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine will join the memorial event in honor of the birthday anniversary of Peteris Radzins, General of the Latvian Army and the Latvian theorist of Intermarium who considered Ukraine’s independence a decisive factor for the future of the region and was a military serviceman in the army HQ first of the last Ukrainian Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky, then of the Ukrainian People’s Republic headed by Symon Petliura.

It is quite symbolic that Agris Purvins, Latvian Retired Major, member of the coalition political party «National Alliance» and head of the Society of General Peteris Radzins, which organizes the event, this February has delivered two lectures for the activists of ND-National Militia and officers of the Azov Regiment on Zemessardze, territorial defense unit of the Latvian Armed Forces and similar structures in the context of the Kremlin’s hybrid threat for the region.

Back in December of 2016, the Society of General Peteris Radzins, jointly with Latvian National Alliance, presented his ideas and memoirs at the Latvian Embassy in Kyiv. April 27, 2017, NATO officer, member of National Alliance Konstantins Pupurs (RIP) spoke at the Second conference of the Intermarium Support Group in Kyiv. In mid-September of 2018, Olena Semenyaka, international secretary of National Corps promoting the construction of the Intermarium union, in turn, spoke at the events co-organized by National Alliance, Society of the Support for Ukraine in Latvia and Society of General Peteris Radzins at the Ukrainian Embassy in Riga and the Bauska Cultural Center. Our cooperation, undoubtedly, will continue at the upcoming Fourth conference of the Intermarium Support Group.

The memorial event, which is facilitated by the Society of the Support for Ukraine in Latvia, will have quite an intense program, will last all day long and will also be attended by military representatives from the Baltic States (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia) and Poland.

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