5-year anniversary of the Azov Regiment

The 5th of May, 2019, the Azov Regiment celebrates its first jubilee. Five years ago, our unit began its way, its structural and qualitative evolution. Yesterday’s volunteers developed into a robust military force.

For the Azov warriors, the celebration of Foundation Day has become a tradition. Namely this day, former and operative military men gather in Berdyansk to congratulate each other and their own unit with such a remarkable day.

The event started in the very morning. A huge motor convoy arrived on the central square of Berdyansk and welcomed the gathering crowd for excursion and taking photos. Children and adults were asking the Azov soldiers around every showpiece and listening to their battle stories with extreme interest. Along with it, the photography exhibition and children entertainment zone began its work. There also was a special place where everyone could write a letter to soldiers fighting on the frontline.

At 8:30 pm, the official part began. The personnel formed up in front of the scene and recited a prayer of Ukrainian Nationalist. After, they were addressed by those who gave an impetus to Azov in 2014 in Berdyansk.

After the speeches by former commanders, the current unit commanders’ addresses have been broadcasted from the hottest parts of the frontline.

At the end of the speech, Brother Bugay observed a minute of silence in tribute to the casualties of war.

The celebration ended with the ignition of fiery letters “AZOV IS 5 YEAR OLD.”

We congratulate all Azov warriors on this remarkable day once again.

Victory will be ours!

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