Delegation of the Military School of Colonel Eugene Konovalets and the Azov Regiment attended Peteris Radzins event in Riga

This winter, Agris Purvins, the member of Latvian National Alliance and the head of the Society of General Peteris Radzins, visited the Azov Regiment and delivered a lecture on the work of territorial defense.

May 1-2, 2019, a delegation of the Military School of Colonel Eugene Konovalets and the Azov Regiment arrived in Latvia in purpose of exchanging experience and attending the solemnities dedicated to the birthday of Peteris Radzins, Latvian theorist of Intermarium, whose life and service in the armies of Ukrainian governments of the former century united the Ukrainian and Latvian nations.

During the ceremonial part on May 2, the delegation attended the ceremony on the Cemetery of the Brethren, place of burial of Latvian warriors, coffee break in the General Staff of the Joint Forces of Latvia, and a conversation with Major Arthur Maxi in the Zemessardze training center. Afterwards, the participants met with the commander of the 4th Brigade of the Zemessardze and visited the project of close quarter battle training site.

During civil cooperation, the ambassador of Ukraine in Latvia Oleksandr Mishchenko and friend Kirt, the head of the Military School of Colonel Eugene Konovalets, put flowers to the Taras Shevchenko Monument in Riga along with the Society in Support for Ukraine in Riga. Besides, a solemn ceremony in front of Peteris Radzins’ memorial tablet was held at the wall of the Presidential Palace. This ceremony was held in a concert of flying flags of Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia and Lithunia, along with sounding of Anthems of Ukraine and Latvia.

Additionally, a cultural event was conducted within the framework of the visit. The Ukrainian delegation attended the monument in memory of Latvian warriors, the Sigulda and Turaida castles and the Forest Brothers’ bunker.

It is worth to mention that, according to Kirt, the head of the Military School, it is very important to maintain cooperation between countries, which have always been torn between Western empires and Eastern hordes:

«Both Ukrainians and Baltic nations must create a powerful military and economic alliance, successor of the Great Lithuanian Commonwealth, the cornerstone of our security and independence. This meeting has demonstrated that Latvia is our brother country, that Latvians are not indifferent to the fate of Ukrainian people and statehood. We are very pleased to meet the Ukrainian diaspora in Latvia. We will keep a close cooperation with Latvian Armed Force, which can assure security and protection of our states.”

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