Finns Party Youth on the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine: «No negotiations with imperialistic rogue states» 

Henri Hautamäki, representative of the Finns Party Youth, translated to English today’s (17.05) statement by its chairman Asseri Kinnunen on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the means to bring the Kremlin’s hybrid aggression against Ukraine to an end.

«Finns Party Youth calls for escalation of sanctions against #Russia to force it to pull its forces out of territories it has occupied,» he twitted. «Only the economical ruination of Russia is a deterrent powerful enough against#Putin,» continued quotting the Finns Party Youth’s statement Henri Hautamäki.

«‘No negotiations with imperialistic rogue states’ also includes suggested measures such as shutting #Russia and its citizens outside of #SWIFT, deportation of Russian elite and their families from #EU and shutting down the #oil and #gas trade with Russia,» he added.

Asseri Kinnunen also states that «those who are willing to accept that#Crimea and #Donbass belong to #Russia, are also ready to accept Russia moving its western border with #Finland to the Kymijoki river.»

Therefore, Finns Party Youth urges the government to stop the era of political submissiveness to Russia’s hybrid expansionism, as well as «calls for #Finland to use its precidency of the Council of the European Union to deter Russian aggression.»

On behalf of the Ukrainian people, Intermarium Support Group expresses a big gratitude to Finns Party Youth for a firm solidarity with Ukraine fighting for independence against new old threats to our region!

Original statement on the Finns Party Youth (PS Nuoret) website and Twitter profile in Finnish:



Henri Hautamäki’s Twitter profile:

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