100th Anniversary of Independence of Poland — political repressions against nationalists

Very often the Right movement of Ukraine idealizes the Polish government as the one that stands opposed to the EU anti-national policy and migration quotas, however, as it is often the case, the ideal is far from the real state of affairs.

Today, on the Polish nationalist scene, there is struggle between anti-Ukrainian chauvinists, which are constructing their political capital on the hate to Ukraine, and the Polish right underground, which is not only a powerful anti-system movement, but also unites those people who are actively struggling with chauvinists and have repeatedly argued that they are true friends of Ukraine.

Of course, white collar-workers of nationalism from the Party Ruch Narodowy and the Organization Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny launched media attacks against the Autonomous Nationalists and the Movement Szturmowcy for their pro-Ukrainian position and contacts with Ukrainian nationalists.

The abovementioned parties are known not only for their anti-Ukrainian rhetoric, but also for the toadeating to left-wing discourse in the Polish media. However, let’s return to the beginning of the whole story.

A few days before the Independence March, the Warsaw Mayor Anna Gronkevich-Waltz prohibited the organization of the march in Warsaw, arguing that she would not allow the Nazis to go along the streets of the capital on the Independence Day.

As it turned out later, the prohibition was a targeted action of the ruling Party PiS and its political opponents from the PO in order to steal the initiative to hold the activity, making politically correct make-up of the march.

Before the Mayor of the capital issues a prohibition, the President Duda and Prime Minister Moravetsky announced that they were organising the independence march, which until that time had been exclusively organized by the nationalist movements. At the same time, it was announced that the current authorities would do everything to prevent radicals from participating in the march, the radical who fought for the holding of the march within constant clashes with the police, the antifa and the communist movements.

Under the mask of conservatism and the calls of manual nationalists to engage the intelligence services and the police apparatus against radicals, PiS launched massive repressions against the Autonomous Nationalists and the Movement Szturmoand the Society of Culture and Tradition «Niklot» with the only purpose of showing Brussels that Poland is loyal to the political course chosen by the West.

Over 48 hours throughout Poland, more than 80 detentions were conducted, about 100 searches in apartments were made and 444 unfounded refusal of entry were issued not only to the speakers of the metapolitical conference «Europe of Future», which traditionally occurs before the Independence Day, but also to the ordinary guests who wanted to take part in the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Independence of Poland.

Preparation for a truly meaningful date for Poland was accompanied by groundless arrests, harassment and detention in the departments within 24 hours without any charges in the best traditions of the communist security agencies.

It is worth noting that the National Corps activists who arrived in Warsaw that day also were subjected to repression, namely there were illegal searches in the houses and direct threats from the employees of the Central Bureau of Investigation to create problems while staying in Poland.

Some of the members of the editorial office of the Magazine «Szturm», military reporters and participants of the Ukrainian-Polish dialogue were also involved in the persecution process. The Interior Security tried to summon them illegally to talk about legal and accredited visits to the places of deployment of Ukrainian volunteers and the National Guard.

Significantly, the true terrorists from the party «The Other Russia» of Edward Limonov, who had been shouting «Warsaw is a Russian city» and «Crimea is too little for us» not so long, and their friends from the Polish pro-Russian organization «Falanga» at that time organized an action under The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland. During that activity, they publically insisted upon dividing Ukraine between Russia, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

It is strange that the Polish Internal Security Agency was not worried about the fact that the members of the «Other Russia» openly cooperate with the terrorists of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic. Obviously, the struggle against nationalists is a top priority.

Despite the oppression and arrests, the nationalist movement “Black Bloc”, against whom the state security agencies were involved, however, went through the streets of Warsaw, chanting the slogans of the «European Reconquista», «ISA = NKVD», «Europe, Youth, Revolution» and many other slogans.

Significantly, an aggressive and convincing «No more brotherly wars» was cried into response to the anti-Ukrainian slogans of some marginal participants of the Independence March and to the chauvinist.

It’s an evidence that Pan-European discourse is overcoming the primitive chauvinism of hand-drawn nationalists.

Repressions and attempts to prevent foreign sympathizers and other “Black Block” participants from taking part in the march, as well as the absence of searches and arrests of those people who had proclaimed themselves nationalists but supported mostly pro-government rhetoric, is only an additional evidence that ‘assault nationalism’ has focused its efforts properly.

After all the experienced events involuntarily the sad conclusion is to be drawn: Unfortunately, the PiS Party, which was so idealized in Ukraine and other European countries as a nationalist force, could not withstand the dictates of Brussels and takes a course not only to increase colored immigration to Central and Eastern Europe, but also to deliberately eradicate the nationalist opposition, which is trying to resist this and other destructive processes taking place in the EU.

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