«Ukrainian-Polish relations during the war in Donbas» — meeting in Warsaw University

On Thursday, November 15, at the University of Warsaw there was a meeting of members of the scientific community of the Faculty of Eastern European Studies with Vladyslav Kovalchuk, the international representative of the «National Corps» Party. The theme of the meeting was the development of Ukrainian-Polish relations during the war in Donbas. During the meeting students learned about the development of the Azov Movement from the pre-revolutionary structures of the Ukrainian civil organization ‘Patriot of Ukraine’ to the Revolution of Dignity and the formation of the Azov regiment. In the first part of the speech, all present were able to learn a number of interesting facts about the military and political dimension of activities the Azov movement carries out, its international projects, as well as its participation in state-building processes.

The second part of the report was devoted to metapolitical projects, grass-roots cooperation between Ukrainian and Polish nationalists, in particular joint actions aimed at historical reconciliation, as well as — constant attempts by both chauvinists and the third forces to hinder the Ukrainian-Polish understanding.

Рarticular attention was paid to the Intermarium project, particularly, to three conferences, on which more and more pro-Ukrainian sympathies from Poland took part. In this part of the report the speaker told about the threats Central and Eastern Europe is facing with and about the necessity to integrate the states that have practiced the same experience of communism, as well as the lack of knowledge on the topic of Eastern European political realities in Western Europe. That causes not only misunderstanding but also underestimation of the global threat, which the Russian Federation is.

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