National Corps commemorated ally Swedish King Charles XII

Today, the Poltava branch of National Corps joined the commemoration in honor of Charles XII of Sweden held by Swedish patriots in Stockholm. Participants remembered the hero king at the Monument to the Swedes from the Swedes erected on the initiative of the Swedes in the midst of the field where the Battle of Poltava in 1709 unfolded.

185 years ago, King of Sweden Charles XII died, the one who has not only entered an alliance with Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Mazepa to liberate Ukraine from the Russian rule but also recognized later Ukraine as an independent state and guaranteed this country, as an ally monarch, to protect inviolably its rights and freedoms in accordance with the The Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk.

The Poltava battle is one of the most interesting and at the same time one of the most unknown pages of the Ukrainian and Swedish history. Over three hundred years have passed since then. Would the tricky plan of the Swedish King Charles XII and Field Marshal Carl Gustav Rehnskiöld, who commanded the troops after Charles’ illness, have worked out unless the enemy had had a threefold numerical advantage?

At Poltava, the troops of Peter I of Russia numbered at least 60 thousand troops, and the Swedes had 20 thousand at best, including the Zaporozhian Cossacks who took their side.

The Kremlin propaganda still tries to represent the battle of Poltava as a triumph of the Russian domination emphasizing that almost all Zaporozhian Cossacks joined Tsar Peter. The manipulation is quite cheap, but many people still buy it.

Sweden and Ukraine are deeply connected in history, which, as you see, is true not only with regard to the Varangian (Viking) period of Kyivan Rus. As a result, both geographically and historically, Sweden is a natural ally of the Intermarium region and Ukraine. Our next battle against the invaders will be victorious!

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